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Name and sizes


Area of Application


Tesa print

Thickness categories

  • 100 micron – tesa 10
  • 200 micro – tesa 20
  • 380 micro – tesa 30

Different sizes available

  • 25m x 310mm
  • 25m x 460mm
  • 25m x 620mm

Plate Mounting Tapes for flexoprinting

  • Cloth tapes
  • Filmic tapes
  • Cushion tapes
  1. Hard foam
  2. Medium foam
  3. Soft foam

Plate mounting in flexo graphic printing for

  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Cardboard

Different types of print jobs

  • Solid prints
  • Combination printing
  • Screen printing

Tesa soft print

  • Hard foam
  • Medium foam
  • Soft foam
  • Extra soft foam

Sizes available:

  • 25m x 460mm

Double  coated foam tape for mounting plates. different foam available:

  • hard foam
  • medium foam
  • soft foam

Plate mounting in flexo printing of

  • screens
  • texts
  • barcodes
  • solids

tesa splicing tape

Splicing tapes

Double sided tapes used for splicing


tesa double sided foam tapes

Double sided foam tapes

Thick double sided foam tapes

Constructive mounting applications including mirrors

tesa pakaging tapes

Packaging tapes

Strong packaging tapes – a wide assortment

General and heavy duty packaging

tesa masking tapes

Masking tapes

Specialized masking tapes

General and specialized masking

tesa anti-slip tape

Anti-slip tapes

One sided tape with a rough surface

Used to prevent slipping on steps

Edge lifting tapes

One sided very thin tape

Used to solve edge lifting of plate mounting tapes

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